• Manufacturing Career Dream Team

  • A New Dream It. Do It. West Central Program

    Manufacturers understand the importance of attracting the next generation of talent—people with the skills and attitudes necessary for innovation and success.  Manufacturing careers offer good salaries and exciting opportunities that are on the cutting edge of new technologies and products.  However, our industry is often misunderstood in the eyes of young people, as well as the parents and teachers who influence their career choices.

    In recognition of this need, Tri-State Manufacturers' Association has launched the Dream It. Do It. Minnesota Manufacturing Career Dream Team.

    Purpose: to change the public image of manufacturing in the West Central region and attract the next generation of manufacturing talent.

  • Sponsored by:

  • West Central Initiative Foundation, sponsor of Manufacturing Career Dream Team
  • Job Description: Career Dream Team members are early-career employees who play a front-facing role in their community, representing the manufacturing industry. They represent the industry in the region’s schools and communities, sharing their real-life stories of success. They join a unique national network of professionals dedicated to engaging, educating, and employing today’s students in high-quality manufacturing jobs, while also educating career influencers like parents and educators. They bring forward a message of inspiration, passion, and drive to potential students as they make decisions about their future and what they want to do in life. Each Career Dream Team member has a unique education and career pathway, as well as a unique voice. Together, team members paint an exciting picture of the industry and the career opportunities it affords.

    Currently, the Manufacturing Career Dream Team is ten-members strong.

    Ideal Candidates

    • 29 and under
    • Hold a degree or certification in a manufacturing-related field
    • Understand the core values of the company they work for
    • Can represent their company well to the public
    • Are comfortable talking to middle and high school students
    • Are willing to describe their educational pathway and job duties in front of an audience
    • Are willing to participate in a classroom presentation, career fair, or facility tour


    • Individual Dream Team members are sponsored by their employer, who covers their time and any travel expense related to team duties.
    • The amount of time required to be part of the team is very flexible and individual members can accept or deny any opportunities that arise, based on interest, ability, distance, and availability.
    • No individual team member is ever expected to contribute more than one day each month, with most opportunities involving a half-day, including travel time.
    • The geographic area covered by the team includes 45 school districts and nine counties: Becker, Clay, Douglas, Grant, Otter Tail, Pope, Stevens, Traverse, and Wilkin.
    • Dream It. Do It. project coordinator provides training for team members, promotes the team, and coordinates engagements for the team.

    Dream Team Opportunities

    • Lead tour of manufacturing facility
    • Staff an exhibit at a career fair
    • Speak at a career fair breakout session
    • Speak to a community group, such as Rotary or Lions
    • Be a judge for an engineering design challenge or other STEM-related competition
    • Visit a classroom to share your personal story
    • Work with youth on a project (examples include: 4H Engineering Design Team project, classroom Tech-Ed project)

    Manufacturers who have a candidate for the program should contact Sandy Kashmark or 800-654-5773.