• Member Feature: Sunrise Machine & Tool/SMT Health Systems

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    Sunrise Machine & Tool, Inc
    (SMT) is a family-owned manufacturing company with two divisions, one being our own proprietary products and the other being contract manufacturing. 
    The SMT Health Systems division manufactures and distributes their own line of patient handling equipment under the brand names of “Volaro Lifts” and the “Rock-King Wheelchair”. 
    SMT contract manufacturing division works with other OEM’s to manufacture both line-ready and/or retail-ready products.  They service a variety of industries such as industrial, agricultural, power sports, lawn/garden, forestry, military, pharmaceutical and durable medical equipment. 
    The “Volaro Lift” is a full body patient lift that can handle weights up to 1000 lbs and is used to transfer people from beds, wheelchairs, and even from the floor. 
    The “Volaro Sit-to-Stand” does just that and lifts residents from a sitting position to a standing position.  There is a special sling harness that lifts around the persons torso which makes is easy for the caregiver to help the resident to the commode and get full access to their slacks or trousers.  These lifts provide save transfers for both the patient and the caregiver and has been the key to eliminating costly back injuries for the caregivers.

    The “Rock-King Wheelchair” is a high back rocking wheel chair that is extremely comfortable. This chair is perfect for people suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia, as the rocking motion provides a calming, soothing effect on those that are more challenging, combative or uncooperative.

    In 1972 Richard LeCleir and his wife Susan started the company as a small tool and die stamping business and ran it as a one-man operation until around 1990 when he developed the PAL lift now called Volaro. Soon after, their son and daughter joined the business and expanded the product line growing sales nationally.  The company continued to stay diversified and grew both divisions as SMT Health Systems and Sunrise Machine and Tool.

    Their production capabilities are vertically integrated and include engineering design, cutting, bending, stamping, machining, welding, powder painting, graphics, sewing, assembly, shipping, marketing, and sales.  This has created a niche for their contract manufacturing division to offer many value-added options for their customers that help them stay competitive and help their customers save time and money.  In 2015 SMT set goals to grow the contract manufacturing division by making investments in new equipment and new people to improve their quality and enhance their capabilities which resulted an annual growth average of 15%.  Currently the company is a C corporation and is family owned by the second generation.


    SMT encourages all their people to always be learning and to continuously find ways to improve processes.  They have a focus on product innovation and this year added many new features and updates to their product line.  They are excited to expand the breath of their product line this year with the release of a new product called the “Serenity Wheelchair,” which is a Tilt-n-Space gliding wheelchair.  This product offers many of the same comforts and soothing effects as the Rock-King Wheelchair but offers a Tilt-n-Space feature to reduce pressure sores and reduce pressure on the lower vertebrae.
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