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    Connect with More People, Boost Online Engagement, Reach Your Goals, and Do It With Video

    AMS Digital Productions creates videos for a wide range of clients, to be used in many different applications: web, mobile, social, streaming, and broadcast.  With expertise in interviewing and on-location filming, the agency specializes in helping clients tell their stories.  Steve Henning, AMS founder and producer/director, takes great pride in delivering quality creative that is on target, within budget, and effective.

    The key word here is effective.  Video has truly become the number one marketing tool that can drive traffic to websites, keep website visitors engaged, and most effectively lead visitors through every stage of a marketing funnel.  In the ever-changing algorithmic world of social media, video makes social platforms come to life and work for businesses.  Thanks to sophisticated data-gathering software, programmatic video ads can more efficiently reach even the narrowest target niche.  Henning likes to remind prospective AMS clients: “For us, good video is much more than just drone shots, more than pretty pictures, more than talking heads, more than music; a well-produced video combines those elements to become one of the most powerful weapons in your marketing arsenal.”

    Based in Alexandria, AMS Digital is a small agency; the staff brings to the table combined experience of almost 100 years of working in advertising design and business communications. The agency’s digital media services include website design, local search and social media management, video production and marketing. Add to that numerous other services that tap the team’s skills in more traditional areas, such as copywriting, graphic design, and photography.  

    Shortly after incorporating the business, Steve Henning designed his first website. It was published in the first year the internet became publicly accessible. He went on to design and develop other, more extensive sites.  One by one, AMS has continued to stay current and add the latest, most relevant enhancements in order to keep clients’ sites current with the ever-changing list of best practices. Today website design is about half of the agency’s workload, with new projects being added at a steady pace in spite of, or because of, the pandemic.  One person who has seen great results from AMS Digital’s design work is Daniel Furrer, of TWF Industries. “I was very impressed with the level of professionalism working with AMS Digital on the new design of our website,” he says. “They were considerate, kind, patient, and open to the changes that we needed. I would highly recommend using them for any of your website needs; I would definitely use them again.”

    But it is the strategy and creation of video content for marketing, and especially the art of the finely honed message, that is AMS Digital’s specialty.   Henning likes to build websites that incorporate the use of video throughout.   “I call them video-centric websites” he says.  For good reason.  Henning goes on to explain how videos help to increase the overall length of time that first-time visitors spend on a site.  Website visitors actually prefer sites with video content, which is one reason Google gives preferential attention and boosts those sites in its search rankings.  Another happy customer is Todd Emmons (Innovative Builders, Erectors, Developers); speaking of one recently redesigned website for Lakewood Terrace in Alexandria, he says, “It is a wonderful website, full of videos and rich with information on our property, [the videos] actually captured the ‘culture’ at Lakewood Terrace, thus helping us get the type of tenant we desired.”  The videos on this site range in content and include: an overview, an interview with the architect explaining the thought process going into the design of the buildings, another interview describing the high quality approach to construction, and several testimonials of tenants describing various reasons why they enjoy living there.  AMS Digital has since redesigned two other websites for Innovative, including the corporate website.  This site also incorporates many videos.

    Videos are not only entertaining and engaging to watch from a website, but they are incredibly effective in many other settings as well.  The pandemic has more people online than ever before, and there has been a mass exodus from broadcast to streaming services among the television watching public.  “We are witnessing the death of broadcast television as we know it.” Henning is especially enthusiastic about recent industry developments with programmatic advertising and streaming channels. “The software available today that gives incredible detail by which we can define a target audience, with flexibility to define our own budgets and make changes in real time, and place a video ad at very affordable rates is a real game-changer for small businesses” enabling them to compete with much larger organizations, and liberating them from being locked into broadcast channel contracts. With this new feature added to their roster of services, AMS Digital continues to offer marketing options that are both customizable and affordable, making success achievable on almost any budget. 

    If you are interested in learning more about AMS Digital and what they can do for your company, visit their website at www.amsdigitalproductions.com. You can also contact them by email at marketing@amsdigitalproductions.com, or by phone at (320) 758-3333.

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