TSMA Scholarship Requirements and Information:

Deadline for 2016 Scholarship Applications is November 13, 2015.

All scholarship applicants must be associated with a Tri-State Manufacturers’ Association member in good standing at the time of application and at the time of disbursement of funds. All applicants have to be enrolled in a Manufacturing-Related Program for the Spring 2016 semester. The employees of any Tri-State Manufacturers’ Association member company are eligible to apply, as are the spouse or dependent-age son or daughter of said employee. Students must be enrolled a minimum of half-time at a post-secondary institution (6 or more credits) to qualify for a scholarship. (High school students are not eligible.) Individuals are not eligible for a scholarship two consecutive years.

The purpose of the TSMA Scholarship Program is twofold. Foremost, the program is intended to impact the availability of a work force trained for careers in manufacturing and manufacturing support industries within the TSMA membership region. Second, the program is intended as an added benefit of membership in Tri-State Manufacturers’ Association.

Scholarship Checklist* – Make sure you are eligible and have everything you need. Print out a checklist and keep it throughout the registration process.

Scholarship Form*Print out your Scholarship Application and send it to:

Tri-State Manufacturers’ Association
PO Box150
Elbow Lake, MN 56531

Recommendation Letter* – Print out a recommendation letter and have it filled out. When completed mail it to:

Tri-State Manufacturers’ Association
PO Box150
Elbow Lake, MN 56531

Recent School Transcript:
Unofficial transcripts can be obtained from your high school or college registrar’s office. The transcripts must include an indication of grades.

2016 Scholarship Poster* – Print this poster and hang at your facility.

* All printable forms are in PDF format. Contact the office if a different format is needed.

For more information about the TSMA Scholarship Program, contact the office at 800-654-5773 or

2015 Educational scholarship winners were announced at the TSMA annual meeting on January 6 in Fergus Falls. Tri-State Manufacturers’ Association distributed awards totaling $5,000 for spring semester, 2015.

Jared Nelson, winner of a $1,000 scholarship, is attending NDSU in the Electrical Engineering Program. Kyle’s mother, Jessica Nelson, works for Cosmos Enterprises.

Joel Ende, winner of a $1,000 scholarship, is attending NDSU in the Mechanical Engineering Program. Joel’s father, Jeff, works at UMC (Ultra Machining Co).

Nolan Marthaler, winner of an $850 scholarship, is attending Alexandria Technical & Community College in the Mechatronics program. Nolan works at Douglas Machine.

Gregory Dickey, winner of an $850 scholarship, is in the Mechatronics program at ATCC. Greg works at Alexandria Industries.

Jack Tatge, winner of s $650 scholarship, is in the Mechatronics program at ATCC. His father, Ernest Klennert, works at Aagard Group.

Bradley Schlangen, winner of a $650 scholarship, is in the Machine Tool program at ATCC. He works at Alexandria Industries.

Tri-State Manufacturers’ Association began funding a Scholarship Program in 2004. People employed by a TSMA-member company, as well as the children of said employees, are eligible to apply. The selection committee scored applicants on five criteria: scholastic achievement, essay, application effort, recommendation letter, and field of study/relevance to manufacturing. The next scholarship application deadline will be in November 2015.

2014 TSMA Scholarship Winners:

Kyle Huberty, attending Dunwoody College of Technology in the Machine Tool Technology program received a $1,300 scholarship. His father, Scott, works for Meadowbrook Insurance Group.

Beau Kashmark, Mechanical Engineering student at North Dakota State University received a $1,300 scholarship. Beau works for Renewtech, LLC.

Bradley Norman, attending Michigan Technological University received a $900 scholarship as a Chemical Engineering student. His father, Stacy, works at UMC, Inc.

Cousins Sawyer Georges and Alex Georges, both attending Alexandria Technical and Community College in the Machine Tool Technology program, received $500 scholarships each. Their fathers, Mike and Gary work at Pequot Tool and Manufacturing.

Brandon Johnson, a Mechatronics/Instrumentation student at St. Cloud Technical and Community College received a $500 scholarship. Brandon works for Master Mark Plastics.

2013 TSMA Scholarship Winners:

Melany Arceneau – $1,000 – Student at North Dakota State University –Mechanical Engineering. Father– Joel Arceneau – employed by TSMA member Douglas Finishing.

Samuel Buck – $1,000 – Student at the University of North Dakota – Mechanical Engineering. Mother – Laurie Buck – employed at TSMA member Ottertail Power Company.

Josh Hedstrom – $1,000 – Student at Alexandria Technical & Community College – Mechatronics.  Father – Bob Hedstrom – employed at TSMA member Douglas Machine

Sarah Reed – $1,000 – Student at Alexandria Technical & Community College – Mechatronics. Currently employed for TSMA member Douglas Scientific.

Benjamin Whalen – $1,000 – Student at North Dakota State University – Mechanical Engineering. Father – Mark Whalen – employed by TSMA member Douglas Scientific.


Josh_PhotoDear Scholarship Commitee:
I am honored to be the recipient of the Tri-State Manufacturers’Association Scholarship.  I appreciate your generous support more than words can express.  I have experienced some medical and personal financial set backs this year, and the Tri-State Manufacturers’Association. Scholarship comes as a huge blessing to me. I am about to begin my final semester in the Mechatronics Program at Alexandria Technical and Community College.  I truly enjoy attending the classes and learning about the Mechatronics field.  This summer, I was able to secure an internship at Douglas Machine using the skills I have learned in school, and I am so excited to experience and do more.  I know that my future is bright in this field and I look forward to taking full advantage of my education. Thank you so much for your generosity of the Tri-State Manufacturers’Association Scholarship!

Josh Hedstrom

Benjamin_PhotoDear Scholarship Commitee:
Thank you so much for your consideration, and the award of this scholarship–it comes as a great help for continuing my education without going deeper into debt. As a Mechanical Engineering student at North Dakota State University, I have continued to maintain a 4.0 GPA, making me an excellent investment for this scholarship. Thank you again for your consideration and assistance.
Benjamin Whalen


Dear Scholarship Commitee:
I would like to take a minute to thank you for choosing me as one of the recipients for the 2013 TSMA Scholarship Award! This is an absolute honor, and it will help greatly with my financial needs for this upcoming semester. My biggest interest while pursuing my degree has always been manufacturing related topics and activities. With that said, I would like to thank you again, and words cannot explain how great of an honor it is to receive this amazing award from such a prestigious organization.
Thanks again!
Samuel Buck

Melany_smallDear Scholarship Commitee:
I would like to express my extreme gratitude for consideration and receiving of a TSMA Scholarship. It is really great that organizations, such as this, invest in and assist college students. Any amount definitely helps to decrease the debt load.

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